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Welcome to Dr. Anbarasu's research group!


Development of PCM technology essentially involves interdisciplinary approach in order to understand various key aspects including structure-property correlations, ultrafast dynamics of re-crystallization/re-amorphization, design of novel chalcogenide materials, ns/ps electrical switching dynamics, scaling & integration issues, ultafast programming characteristics and the fundamental origin of electrical switching.

Therefore, goal of our group is "to explore local structure and physical properties of chalcogenide materials, design of novel materials, development of PCM technology for various applications including high speed non-volatile random access memory (NVRAM), Multi-bit data storage technology, vertically stackable cross-point memory for high-density high speed NVRAM, PCM for space applications, phase change logic devices, phase change synaptic device for neuromorphic computing".



PCM is an emerging memory technology exploits unique feature of chalcogenide-based phase change materials that undergo ultrafast and reversible phase transitions between a highly resistive amorphous state (digital “0”) and a conducting crystalline state (digital “1”) using nanosecond (ns) electrical pulses. Such permanent, yet reversible phase transitions (more than 10 million cycles) are stable over 10 years, ensures non-volatility as well as faster programming (ns) and therefore, PCM is being demonstrated as a strong candidate not only for next generation high speed non-volatile memory but also  'universal memory' for future high speed computing devices.









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